Wound Care/Pain Relief for Dogs

For wound care for dogs, these brand name products provide maximum care and relief for a variety of ailments. There are anti-bacterial, antifungal topical applications, available in gel form, liquid, ointment, or as an aerosol. Products for open wound care, such as Wonder Dust, can be used with or without a bandage, for slow healing sores and lesions. The anti-inflammatory preparation in Drawing Salve relieves itching and swelling. Cleansing ointments and self-healing, protective bandages and wrapsprovide the highest quality wound dressings. We also have first aid relief for abrasions, scrapes and cuts. Soothing balms and other topical applications provide pain relief for bruises, stiffness, chaffed skin and minor injuries. Bag Balm, a time-tested product since 1893, contains an antiseptic and lanolin, and is effective for healing paws and various skin irritations. Our topical sprays relieve skin conditions and repel insects. These professional products will treat a wide variety of canine wounds, injuries, skin conditions and infections.