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De-Wormers for Horses
Unfortunately, parasitic worms are a common issue in pet ownership. These little critters can create a home inside your pet’s digestive system, stealing vital nutrients and impairing normal digestive functions. Choose from our large selection of de-worming treatments for your horse. All Veterinary Supply’s experienced staff has done the de-worming research so you don’t have to. Each of our over-the-counter treatments is guaranteed to repel these internal pests.
Try fun-flavored pastes for easy administration. Your horse won’t argue with these tasty medications. Ivermectin apple flavored paste removes worms and bots after only one application. Equimax paste is another popular choice, with one syringe treating up to 1320 pounds of horse. If your horse has suffered from repeated worm infestations, try Continuexdaily de-wormer. This item is safe for daily use and also aids in the prevention of colic. Continuex comes in a powdered form that you can add to your horse’s meals for easy administration.


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