Diagnostic Equipment

AllVetSupply.com is pleased to offer a selection of X-ray machines, ultrasound machines and pregnancy detectors. Find out if your animals are expecting using our superior collection of high-quality products designed to give you the information you need with minimal discomfort to the animal.
Enjoy the convenience of performing the necessary exams on your animals from the comfort of your own home. Use the ultrasound machine to search for viable fetuses, or use our comfortable birth detector alarms to know the moment your mare goes into labor. We even offer an array of high-quality scientific microscopes.

For professional breeders, owning your own examination equipment is convenient and economical. Our instruments are available at exceptionally low prices, allowing you the freedom you need at a price you can afford. Your animals will be less stressed when they have their exams performed in comfortable surroundings by a human they know and trust.

Many of our products are installed on carts with wheels and designed to be portable. This allows you the freedom to take the equipment to your animals for easy use. The durable designs ensure your machinery will last for years to come.

Choose AllVetSupply.com for all of your pregnancy detection, ultrasound and X-ray needs. Get the equipment you need to help your animals have a healthier pregnancy and delivery.