Equine Artificial Vagina

Equine artificial vaginas are designed to improve semen collection. Purchase your artificial vaginas and breeding-enhancers for less at All Veterinary Supply. We carry Missouri and Colorado-style artificial vaginas to encourage maximum semen collection. Breeders and farm owners understand the need for effective and controlled breeding. Ensure optimal results with the popular Colorado-style A.V. This set comes with a lightweight A.V., natural latex and disposable liners, collection bottles and convenient fillers. For added convenience, many parts are interchangeable with other Colorado-style A.V. models.
Our Missouri artificial vagina has a more natural look and feel. Its 16-inch latex liner is covered by an adjustable strapped leather jacket. Included with your Missouri-style A.V. are two 250cc plastic collection bottles, a bottle adapter, semen filters, 10 disposable inner liners and a complete filling system. Both of our equine A.V. models come equipped with a detailed instruction manual for guess-free use. Choose the artificial collection system that fits your needs. Our Missouri and Colorado-style artificial vaginas make collecting semen quick and clean.