Wound Care/Pain Relief/Antibiotics

Cuts and scrapes are an everyday part of horse training, breeding and ownership. Keep the best antibiotics and wound care items handy to treat any minor lesions on your horse’s body. Veterinarians love these effective antibiotic treatments to protect surface cuts without requiring a prescription. Whether you own thoroughbred show-horses or are treating the family pet, invest in the highest quality antibacterial solutions to encourage infection-free healing and increased comfort.
At All Veterinary Supply, we offer rubs, sprays and sanitary bandages to help your horse heal. For a quick fix, try Wound-Kote. This convenient aerosol spray-on coats the wound, kills existing bacteria and then encourages faster scab formation. Wound-Kote requires no rubbing during application. Wonder Dust is another All Veterinary Supply favorite. Use this dressing powder to stop bleeding and dry the wound. Purchase the Multi Care liquid wound kit to treat every ailment. Pair any of these effective over-the-counter solutions with Sealex latex bandages. Your horse will be racing at top speed in no time.