Hoof Care/Measuring

Find the latest and greatest in equine hoof care at All Veterinary Supply. We know that hoof care is an integral part of every domesticated horse’s overall health. Use our all-natural boosters to help your hooves resist infection and damage. We also offer treatments for existing ailments including seedy toe and thrush.
Moisture is an important hoof characteristic to watch. We carry aerosol, liquid and cream hoof conditioners to eliminate every level of moisture deficiency. Some conditioners are fortified with vitamins and minerals for added hoof strength. Add hoof packing to your horse’s care routine to reduce soreness caused by any and all trauma. You can add hoof packing before or after your horse begins a day of exercise.

Our oral supplements are a convenient way to encourage hoof health. These powders can be added to feed to ensure that your horse gets the vitamins it needs. All Veterinary Supply also offers a huge selection of hoof maintenance tools. Use nippers, knives, clinchers and specialty measuring devices to monitor hoof health more closely.