Fly Control Products for Horses

Keep your horse safe from flies this year with one of our fly repellent products for horses. Horses are especially vulnerable to biting flies which cause itchy welts and can even spread disease. Our fly repellents help keep flies away from your horses so they can be comfortable and safe throughout the year.
Flies can be controlled in three different ways with our great selection of products. First, you can apply a topical fly repellent to your horses. The repellents are sold in a convenient spray bottle for easy application. Next, you can set up fly traps in areas where your horses live and roam. Fly traps are a safe way to trap and kill flies before they reach your animals. Finally, if the flies persist you can use coverings such as face masks to protect your horse.

No matter which method you prefer, our fly repellents for horses will get the job done. Get rid of flies once and for all by using several of our highly effective products. Your horse will be happier and healthier when you protect them from unnecessary annoyances.

Trust for the best selection of fly repellent products on the market. We sell only the finest repellents and traps available so your horse can live a more comfortable life. Order now and have your selections shipped right to your door.