Liniments/Blisters/Leg Care

Blistering your horse’s legs is a delicate process that requires the right tools to keep your horses comfortable. Our liquid blisters are designed to treat your horse’s bowed tendons, bucked shins and more without causing any permanent harm to its legs. Try our water-soluble 5 Day Blisteror the classic Harlton’s Liquid Blister. All Veterinary Supply carries the blistering liquids and post-blister solutions every equine-owner needs.
Trust All Veterinary Supply for the best selection of lotions that relieve your horse’s legs from pain caused by exercise or blistering. Our liniment gels and lotions are great all-purpose items to keep nearby to soothe your horse’s aches and pains. Runner’s Relief 7 Day treatment offers an alternative to rubs and ointments. This hot medical soak is both calming and effective in relieving pain caused by blisters, sore feet, sprains and hock injuries. Apply a simple rub to reduce arthritis pain. Our liniments come in every size to keep your horses’ feeling comfortable and strong.