Wound Care/Antibiotics/Mastitis

Treat your livestock's wounds and skin infections with these high quality products. We sell Vetericyn Spray in both trigger and pump style bottles. This preparation contains the same FDA-approved formula that is regularly used to treat humans without any serious adverse effects. It can be used to clean, disinfect and treat wounds, and is effective against infections, ringworm, scratches, burns and rashes. It kills bacteria and can also be used to sanitize items that your animal comes into contact with such as cages and stalls.Vetericyn VF is a water-based HydroGel spray that is twice the potency of the FDA-approved formula. It's an antimicrobial that also works on antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteriaas well as viruses, fungi and spores. Use this high-potency spray to speed the healing process of chronic inflammation, acute wounds and other conditions. Prodine Ointment is a water-resistant topical antiseptic that will protect skin abrasions, cuts and wounds from infection. It includes lanolin to make the skin more supple and elastic. We also have insect repellent that can be used on wounds, and a cost-effective product for wart removal.