Shampoos/Grooming for Horses

For all your horse grooming needs, All Vet carries a complete line of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, and other high quality grooming products. Triple Action Flea and Tick shampoo will protect your horses from annoying and harmful insects, while conditioning the coat. The highly regarded Mane-n-tail shampoo will provide deep cleansing and moisturizing, while improving the health and manageability of the coat.We have products that contain beneficial vitamin E and PABA sunscreen. These top name brands of horse shampoo will condition, detangle knotted hair and nourish the coat and the skin for a healthy shine, while protecting against wind and sun damage. We also have Shapley’s M-T-G, a product that will treat dry skin, bug bites, fungus, rain rot and other ailments, while detangling and conditioning the mane and tail.Our professional equine shampoo and grooming products are used by horse trainers and vets. This includes theantifungal, antibacterial Equishield CK Shampoo, Shapley’s Show Touch Up, and ShowSheenproducts such as their Stain Remover and Whitener. The FURminatordeShedding Tool helps you remove loose hair without damaging the undercoat. This tool will bring out the skin’s natural conditioning oils. It’s effective in removing an old coat, as well as for daily horse grooming.