De-Wormers for Cattle

It is vitally important to protect your animals against both internal and external parasites. Internal parasites can lead to reduced appetiteand problems with food digestion and the absorption of nutrients. They can also cause anemia, weight loss and a weakened immune system. Left untreated, this may lead to tissue and organ damage. External parasites can cause hair loss and skin irritation, damage to hide and discomfort for the animal.For optimal health, we carry different brands of wormers for cattle. Ivermectin injection is effective in treating and controlling gastrointestinal lungworms, roundworms, sucking lice, grubs and mange mites. Ivomec injection is used for worms, mange and lice, and is safe to be used in breeding animals. Note that both of these preparations are meant for subcutaneous injection.Safe-Guard(fenbendazole) de-wormer is administered orally and will treat and control a variety of stomach worms and intestinal parasites such as barberpole worms, hookworms, bankrupt and nodular worms.