Digestion Care for Horses

Like humans, horse digestive systems may need a little extra care to function smoothly and regularly. All Veterinary Supply understands that proper digestive care is a simple way to keep your horse happy and healthy. Ensure that he or she is receiving the vital nutrients provided in your food choice by boosting digestion. We offer liquids and powders so you can choose the best option for your horses’ diets. Effective administration means that your animal will benefit from more nutrients.
Digest Aid will help your thinner horses gain weight and reach optimal physical health. This supplement makes the vitamins and minerals in your horse’s diet more bioavailable. U-7 gastric liquid formula is a great way to boost overall health, attitude and appearance. Keep your horse looking and feeling good with drug-free U-7. Find gas relief liquids, gastric ulceration prevention solutions and gentle laxatives to strengthen your equine’s digestion. Trained professionals should purchase our stomach tubes for safe and effective digestive treatment administration.