Microchips for Dogs

For the latest in pet security, we offer dog microchips and microchip readers. The technology uses a tiny microchip that is injected through your pet's skin. It transmits a radio signal which can be read with a special reader. Once injected, the microchip is kept in place by a layer of protein, and will stay there for the life of your animal. The injection only causes slight discomfort, and the microchips are designed to be safe and biologically compatible. Avid (American Veterinary Identification Devices) and HomeAgain are leaders in the microchip industry. We offer Avid Friendchips microchips in 5-pack and 25-pack sets. All packages contain syringes that are pre-loaded with microchips that have already been sterilized and are ready to use. You can choose from the basic package, which includes syringes and numbered stickers that correspond to the number on the chip. The deluxe package also includes informative brochures, PetTrac registration forms and collar tags. Our Avid bulk microchips are designed for easy use on many animals. We also sell two models of Avid readers. One only reads Avid microchips; the other is universal, and will read all brand names of microchips. We also carry the HomeAgain single-use microchip injector system. This includes pre-loaded syringes with transponders, collar tag, enrollment form for their tracking system and instructions.HomeAgain'sUniversal Worldscan Reader can read microchips with various radio frequencies. Keep your animals safe with this high-tech identification and tracking technology from Avid and HomeAgain.