Microchips for Dogs

For the latest in pet security, we offer dog microchips and microchip readers. The technology uses a tiny microchip that is injected through your pet's skin. It transmits a radio signal which can be read with a special reader. Once injected, the microchip is kept in place by a layer of protein, and will stay there for the life of your animal. The 'chip' needs no battery and lasts a lifetime.The injection only causes slight discomfort, and the microchips are designed to be safe and biologically compatible.
Today's newest microchips are 'Mini' in size and are safe and biologically compatible. Choose microchip products in various volumes and types. Choose scanners according to what you need.

One of the most important considerations about your choice of microchip is where and how the chip will be 'registered' after it is installed. Choose companies that participate in the international Pet Microchip Lookup operated by the American Animal Hospital Association.