Vitamins/Supplements for Cattle

All Vetís cattle supplements will keep your animals healthy with all the vitamins and minerals they require for maximum health. Whether youíre looking for beef cattle supplements or show cattle vitamins, our Oxy Explosion powder and high energy supplement gel provide you with what you need for your cattle and horses. Oxy Explosion is packed full of specially selected B vitamins, phosphorous, calcium and omega fatty acids. These ingredients increase appetite, help maintain a healthy weight, and keeps bones strong. The Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote supple, elastic skin and a shiny coat, especially helpful for show animals. Oxy Explosion is also recommended for goats, sheep and swine. Another winner in our cattle supplies is Trophyís Super High Energy Supplement, gel-based cattle vitamins, which contains vitamins, iron, and amino acids. One of the most effective of the livestock supplements for supporting horse and cattle health. All Vetís veterinary cattle supplies will help keep your horses and cattle strong and looking their best for many years to come.