Canine Digestion Care

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from stomach ailments such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating. Give them fast relief with these highly effective supplements and digestive aids. We have pet probiotics and digestive enzymes such as Promax Paste, DigestAblesand Acetylator.Digestive enzymes can be helpful for skin and coat conditions, allergies, bloating and lethargy. They assist in the absorption of essential nutrients from the dog's food. FortiFlora is another probiotic nutritional supplement that enhances digestion and helps build a strong and healthy immune system.K-zyme is a blend of vitamins and trace minerals designed for maximum health, and to improve digestion and the absorption of important nutrients. Vitalize Raw Max Dog Granules offers similar support in an agreeable liver-flavored substance that can be added to dog food. There are also products for treating general gastrointestinal disorders such as loose stools and excessive gas. These various supplements are available as granules, tablets, liquid suspension, chewable tablets and injectable paste, for the greatest flexibility and ease in administering them to your pet. We also offer a disposable enema containing Docusate, an over-the-counter stool softener used for fast relief of bowel problems.