To keep your pets and livestock safe, All Vet carries Avid microchips for dogs, cats and other animals. We also stock the HomeAgain microchip system and Universal Reader. Avid microchips are available in a sterile pack of 25. For a reduced cost, you can purchase bulk Avid microchips in cartridges that you sterilize yourself. Our MiniTracker Universal scanner reads microchips of all brands. The microchip system is the most secure and fool-proof way to protect your pet or farm animal. A microchip containing a unique number is injected into your animal, with minimal discomfort. A radio signal can then read this number through the animal’s skin. In milliseconds, the pet is positively and accurately identified. Since the microchip is encased in a layer of protein, it does not pass through your pet, but stays in place for the life of your animal. The simple injection can be given at any time by a veterinarian. Kittens and Puppies will often have this injection at the same time that they receive their first vaccinations. Dog and cat microchips are an easy and painless way to identify your animal without worrying about a tag or collar being taken off, or coming off accidentally.Buy a Friendchips Pack that includes microchips, syringes, and all you need to register your animal with Avid’sPetTrac system. Or purchase cost-effective bulk animal microchips to give your pets a special level of protection. These high-tech microchips for dogs, cats and livestock give you peace of mind.