Natural Muscle Builders for Horses

If you like the idea of supplementing your horseís diet with something that is safe and natural, youíll love our selection of all-natural horse supplements. Our all-natural supplements donít contain any harmful chemicals and are just as effective as traditional diet enhancers.
Many of the products we offer are designed to help your horse develop muscle, reduce fat and reduce stress. These products can be used on horses of all ages, but are especially effective on young horses that are still developing. Many of our growth products are available in convenient powder forms that can be mixed in with your animalís feed for easy dosing.

We also offer several products to help your horse gain weight in a healthy manner. The weight gain products are added to your horses feed and can help improve the health and overall look of your animal. In addition to gaining weight, youíll notice your horseís stamina increase, a shinier coat and increased endurance with this line of products.

Our all natural horse supplements are the best choice for safely and effectively enhancing your horseís diet. When you purchase one of our brand name products, it will be shipped right to your door, saving you time and money. Choose All Vet Supply for all of your natural horse supplements.