De-Wormer for Roosters/Poultry offers its customers a comprehensive collection of high-quality poultry de-wormers. We have done the work of scouring the market for the most effective and inexpensive solutions to common worm infestations so you can treat your poultry with the best available products.
Enjoy the convenience of an at-home de-wormer with our popular Vermitron tablets. The medication contains a piperazine base that is effective at killing a wide range of parasites including ascaridia and oxiuros worms. Each bottle contains 60 tablets, so youíll have enough pills to de-worm your entire flock.

Whether youíre raising your poultry for eggs or as meat birds, keeping them disease free and healthy is essential. Worms can easily spread throughout your flock, so itís vital to treat your animals with a well-made product that has proven results. Vermitron tablets can be administered to all of your birds, including your roosters, to control worms before they get out of hand. Use Vermitron at the first sign of an outbreak to help keep your poultry happy and healthy.

Choose for all of your poultry de-wormer needs. We carry all of your favorite brand name products at incredibly low prices for values you wonít find anywhere else.