Oral Care for Horses

For equine dental care, All Veterinary Supply offers Thomsen's Universal Dental Float and the McPherson mouth speculum. Just as important as a high quality horse toothbrush, floating your horse's teeth will keep your animal healthy, and allow them to properly chew and digest their food. It is an essential part of oral care for your horse. Our dental float features a hinged float head for easy maneuvering between upper and lower molars. The concave blade keeps it secure on the horse's teeth, for efficient filing down of sharp points to a smooth grinding surface. We also have replacements for these long-lasting, tungsten carbide blades. For the very best in horse dental care, we have the reinforced mouth speculum, manufactured by Western Instrument Company. This important device will keep your horse's mouth secure and steady while performing floating or any other dental work. It is made from durable stainless steel and high quality parts. Leather straps and nickel plated buckles makes it rugged and long-lasting; however, all parts are available individually for replacement, if needed.