Like other animal species, roosters require a range of vitamins and minerals to achieve and maintain total health. All Veterinary Supply has researched the latest and highest quality rooster supplements to make your selection quick and simple. Choose the right product for your poultry.
Knock Out Complex is our top-of-the-line super formula. This dietary supplement contains important vitamins and minerals, including probiotics, crude protein, fiber and crude fat. These ingredients combine to keep your roosters comfortable and happy from beak to toe. For your convenience, KnockOut Complex is available in a two-pound powder canister for easy administration. Hand feed or add the powder to your roosters’ food.

Our rooster and chicken multivitamins are available in liquid and tablet form. Find the style that you find easiest to administer at All Veterinary Supply. Use Calphos-D and Supertron B-12 to promote overall health and strength in your roosters. We also offer Vitamin K supplements to treat Vitamin K deficiencies.