Artificial Vaginas/Ejaculators

We carry artificial vaginas and ejaculators for easy application and the best results in artificial insemination for your cattle. ElectroJac has been a respected name in automatic semen collection for over 30 years. The advanced technology built into this system includes wireless remote control, water-resistant parts, more power and automatic shutoff. The improved design of the probes makes them more rugged and allows for easier insertion. This complete kit features everything you need for operation, including probe, handle assembly, power unit, AC battery charger, collection vials and more, in a convenient carrying case. Our Electro-Ejaculator for bulls also comes as a complete kit giving you the best value. With this high quality system, you'll get the results you need in the shortest possible time. You can service over 100 bulls with a single battery charge, and the durable storage case makes it easy to transport. The Bailey Ejaculator gives you an economical, high-tech solution that can be used on bucks, rams and male goats. Lightweight and battery operated, this unit is the ultimate in convenience and portability. Our bovine artificial vaginas are constructed of long-lasting durable plastic to make semen collection and storage a simple task. In addition to the artificial vagina, we also carry liners, cones, collection tubes and covers. All our products are offered at the lowest prices for great value.