Are you in the market to keep your horses looking good and feeling good? Well you have come to the right place!
All Vet Supply is proud to offer a full selection of horse care products. We carry everything you need to keep your equestrian friend happy and healthy, including grooming supplies, medication, breeding supplies, microchips, and more. Whether you own one horse or need to look after an entire stable, you’ll find the products you need at prices you can afford at All Vet Supply.


Since first impressions are everything, let’s talk about grooming first. Our top-of-the-line grooming supplies are preferred by horse lovers all across the country. We carry recognized and respected products in every category of animal supplies we stock. We even carry the popular Furminator grooming tool to help gently remove loose hair from your horse’s coat.

So why groom your horse? Well beyond just keeping your horses looking beautiful, there are many other benefits to the horse when you consistently groom. First, grooming a horse encourages natural oil production in the horse’s coat and also gets their blood flowing and circulating. These health benefits not only protect your horse from natural elements like wind, rain, and snow, but keep them healthy on the inside, too. Second, grooming a horse gives the owners and trainers a chance to inspect the horse’s overall health. Since you’re in close contact with the horse, you may notice a welt, scar, or skin issue that could be a symptom of a bigger health issue. Finally, and this one is our personal favorite, grooming a horse gives owners and trainers a chance to bond with their horses and create that connection. There’s no substitute for that!

Depending on whether your horse is a stable horse or one that lives more naturally, for example out in the large pasture or field, will determine how you groom them. Stable horses need a little more attention since they’re not able to do their own grooming like horses out in their natural surroundings. If they’re out in the field, they can groom on their own by rubbing against trees and rolling, but it’s still good to check in on them occasionally.


For professional breeders, we carry a variety of tools and devices to help you successfully breed your horses. Whether you’re the owner of a mare and are looking for insemination tools or the owner of a stud looking for collection devices, we carry all of the best breeding supplies to help maximize your odds of a successful pregnancy.

Here’s some of our top tips on how to have a successful breeding season.

1. For artificial inseminations, make sure you’re choosing the right mare. Make sure your horse is healthy and her reproductive organs have been checked out by a veterinarian. You’ll want to make sure that she delivers healthy offspring, so ensure that you start with a clean bill of health.

2. On the flip side, to ensure a successful artificial insemination, you have to also choose the right stallion. But just because your stallion looks strong and healthy from the outside, doesn’t mean they are on the inside. Vets recommend to not only check the semen quality, but to get a per-cycle pregnancy rate for your stallion.

3. They say location is everything and the same goes with breeding horses! It may be a breeding clinic, which offers professional oversight and care of the horses, or it may be your own stable, which provides the comfort of a familiar surrounding to the animals. It’s advised to always get recommendations for any professional veterinary assistance, as bad breeding management can be very costly to the owners, and harmful to the horses.


One of the best reasons to get your animals microchipped is for their safety. With the latest advances in this protective technology, the chances of your equine friends becoming lost or stolen without being found are slim.

This technology is relatively painless for the horse and the chips, usually no bigger than a grain of rice, are inserted using a hypodermic needle, and is usually not overly painful for the animal. Many times, the chips are inserted while the animal is under anesthesia for another procedure.

Beyond just keeping your horses safe, the microchips have many more uses. They can be scanned to record a sale of a horse, used to identify horses at races and competitions, or for tracking health data. And the good thing about microchips is that the health risk to your animal is minimal. The chances of migration, infection, or other complications is very low and the benefits far outweigh the risks.


Just like people, horses sometimes do not get all the vitamins and minerals that their bodies require through their regular feed. In time, this lack of proper nutrition can lead to all sorts of health problems in your horse. No need to worry - AllVet carries a wide assortment of brand name vitamins, minerals, and supplements for your horse. From Trace Minerals and Vitamin C to Iron and Zinc, we have them all! We carry Red Cell, Power Horse, Cosequin ASU, just to name a few. All available to you with a 30- day money back guarantee!

We are proud to offer all of our brand name products at affordable wholesale prices. Our horse supplies are of the highest quality available for superior performance and value. Trust us for all of your horse care needs; you won’t be disappointed.

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