Eye Care for Horses

These professional veterinary products from All Vet are specially formulated for horse eye problems. They will relieve dryness and irritation and wash out loose matter. Clear Eyes and Eye Irrigating Solution are sterile solutions helpful in protecting your animal from dust, dirt and pollutants. Chlorinated water may also present a problem and irritate your horse’s eyes. These preparations will help relieve any burning, stinging or itching sensations. They will keep the eyes bright and clear. Butler Artificial Tears treats dryness with soothing mineral and lanolin oils. Terramycin Antibiotic Ointment treats various eye infections including keratitis, conjunctivitis, pink eye and others.Terramycin can also be used for dogs, cats, cattle and sheep.For eye irritations, we also have Tetericyn Ophthalmic Gel, which instantly kills bacteria and relieves itching and burning. This product is free of steroids and antibiotics. These top name preparations provide trusted relief for equine eye infections. Choose these All Vet products for superior eye care for horses.