Identification Products

Efficiently tag and identify your cattle with these cattle ear tags and tattoo supplies. Our 25-pack Perma Flex cattle tags are available in sizes small to extra-large. You can choose from nine different colors. They come pre-numbered in large, easy-to-read digits. We also have blank tags, for your own cattle identification scheme. Both sets come with 25 standard studs. Tags are made from strong, weather-resistant polyurethane. These non-fading, durable tags will stand up to extreme weather conditions.We also carry the Perma Flex Aluminum Applicator, for use with their cattle tags. For easy and effective herd management, we have Pro Rotary and double-sided Revolving Head tattoo equipment. These high-quality tattoo pliers feature heavy-duty construction, and go deep with minimal movement to prevent arm fatigue. Numbers are selected by rotating the dial, as with a date stamp. We also stock tattoo ink and tattoo ink paste for veterinary use.