All Veterinary Supplies caters to every veterinarian’s needs. Choose from over-the-counter treatments, specialized equipment and affordable diagnostic tools. Our diagnostic tools are designed specifically to work with animals. Every veterinarian needs a stethoscope. This simple tool has made millions of diagnoses possible. Choose from single and double-head stethoscopes. Trust the 3M Littman industry standard stethoscope to gather the information you need during every exam. The 3M Littman will keep your patient comfortable while delivering exceptional low-frequency sounds that are often missed by the competition.

Our veterinary thermometer is one of the most important diagnostic tools you can own. Vet thermometers may sometimes need to withstand additional wear and tear, and ours are ready for this. We know that your patients can be incredibly large. Prepare yourself with animal-friendly tools, including our heavy-duty thermometer. This five-inch model comes in a convenient black plastic case for easy transportation and storage. All Veterinary Supply’s diagnostic selection is growing to accommodate both the traditional vet staples and the newest gadgets to help you administer the best care.