Breathing Aids & Supplements

Breathing difficulties can affect and impair your horse’s overall health. All Veterinary Supply offers effective and affordable breathing aids for your horses. Be sure to monitor your horse’s breathing closely, as their symptoms may go unnoticed and worsen. Try equine nasal strips. Our Flair nasal strips help your horse’s nasal passages stay open during exercise. These free strips also lessen the effects of fatigue by increasing oxygen intake. Use nasal strips for a drug-free approach to enhancing your horse’s breathing.
Our over-the-counter equine breathing aids act like our cough medicine and cough drops. Try Wind Aid to soothe the throat and relieve congestion. Our liquids, ointments, powders and capsules make administration a breeze for every horse. Choose the method that is easiest for you and your horse. Nayzomenthol and eucalyptusointment is a classic choice to reduce minor respiratory inflammation and congestion. If your horse is experiencing coughs or heaves, use Cough Free to support and strengthen its respiratory system. Cough Free is safe for use on pregnant horses.