Digestion Care for Cats

You can support your cat's digestive health and treat gastrointestinal problems with these effective supplements and treatments. The liver flavored digestive aid Vitalize Cat Granules (formerly K-ZYME) contains a rich blend of important vitamins such as vitamin C, minerals, omega fatty acids and amino acids. Vetasyl is a natural, preservative-freefiber supplement that gently prevents constipation. FortiFlora® is a nutritional supplement that includes probiotics and antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, which support the immune system. To relieve constipation and discomfort from irregular bowel function, we have disposable enemas. They're ready to use with thecorrect dosage of Docusate, a recognized and highly effective stool softener. To eliminate and prevent hair balls, we carry Laxatone Tuna, a laxative and lubricant with the flavor your cat will enjoy. Laxanip, as the name suggests, is a winning combination of a gentle laxative with catnip added for extra appeal. This effective supplement helps to prevent and eliminate hair balls that can block a cat's intestinal tract and cause serious problems. Keep your cat healthy with these quality digestive products.