Cats Flea/Tick/Mite Control

Protect your cat from annoying and unhealthy fleas and ticks with name-brand, proven products at the lowest cost. For ongoing protection, we have the Adams Plus Breakaway Cat Collar. It kills ticks and fleas, and also takes care of flea eggs so your cat isn't reinfested. We carry several kinds of flea and tick shampoos, including Mycodex, Triple Action, Ovitrol, Adams D-Limonene and Ecto-Soothe. The Triple Action Flea and Tick Shampoo, in addition to ridding your animal of unwanted pests, will also remove loose dirt and dandruff and conditions the coat. The other shampoos also contain cleansing agents and moisturizers. MycodexSensiCare products are specially formulated not to irritate sensitive skin. The popular Advantage II is used for monthly flea prevention, and in addition to killing the adults, it also eradicates eggs and larvae. You can also kill ticks and fleas before they attack your pets with our concentrated Yard Spraythat can be used on lawns in residential areas. This preparation will also kill deer ticks and other carriers of Lyme disease. For those who wish to avoid the usual pesticides, Resultixdestroys the tick by dissolving its hard shell, without using chemicals that can be harmful to you or your animals.