Ear Care Products

For high quality ear care for dogs, All Veterinary Supply has name-brand, respected products at the best prices. We carry Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser, available in 3 sizes, and their advanced formula, which prevents microbial attachment and eliminates odors.Oti-Clens is another dog ear cleaner that is safe to use and non-toxic.Epiklean cleans the ears of dogs and cats, and can also be used as a drying agent. MalaceticOtic cleans as well, and is all natural and does not contain alcohol or dyes. R-7 Ear Powder removes hair from the ear canal, and Cerulytic Ear Cleanser contains solvents to remove ear wax. ZymoxOtic Enzymatic Solution treats inflammation of the ears that arise from viral or bacterial infections. We have this with or without hydrocortisone. Otomite Plus safely gets rid of ear mites with no irritation to the animal. For all your dog ear care products, All Vet has you covered.