Electrolyte Plus
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Electrolyte Plus

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POWER HORSE™ ELECTROLYTE PLUS Previously Known as "Winner's Paste

The prevention of dehydration of horses during exercise and competition has been a difficult task for horse owners and trainers. The most widely used method has been the administration of electrolyte salts previous to the exercise or competition. Up until now, these products have had a short lasting action. To prevent this, POWER HORSE™ "Winner's Paste™" has been designed to provide more potent and long lasting anti-dehydrating effects.

After carefully evaluating the problem, APS has decided to add, a precisely calculated amount of POWER HORSE Naturally Chelated Trace Minerals to a good electrolyte salt formula (Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium), that will slow down the dehydration process to levels not achieved by any other product in the market.

POWER HORSE™ Electrolyte Plus Paste, with its Wild Berry flavor is well accepted by horses.

PRESENTATION: Oral syringe containing 90 grams (single dose.

Each 90 g dose contains:
Potassium Chloride 3.4 g Magnesium Sulfate 0.06 g Calcium Chloride 0.92 g Sodium Chloride 7.2 g POWER HORSE Chelated Trace Minerals 20 g

Other ingrediens: Vegetable Oil, Sucrose, Silicon Dioxide, Purified Water and Artificial Flavoring.

DOSE: Administer one syringe (90 g) orally, two hours prior to the competition. Another syringe could be used the night prior to the event.