Veterinus Derma Gel Spray 50ml
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Veterinus Derma Gel Spray 50ml

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What is Veterinus Derma Gel?

A comprehensive 2 in 1 Intensive Skin Care + Protective Barrier Effect Gel.

Swiss Formula Veterinus Derma Gel Spray is effective in helping to hydrate wound surfaces and liquefy necrotic tissue on the wound surface. It will not stick and can be removed without trauma to the wound bed.

Who is Veterinus Derma Gel for?


How is Veterinus Derma Gel used?

The "soothing" effect relieves pain and helps promote patient acceptance. Aids in providing and maintaining a moist wound environment by increasing moisture content. Hydrogels have the ability to help clean and debride necrotic tissue.

How much Veterinus Derma Gel will I receive?

Comes in a 50ml container.