Ultra Growth 1Gal
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Ultra Growth 1Gal

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Ultra Growth 1 Gallon bottle, for Horses.

What is Ultra-Growth with Gamma Oryzanol for Horses?

Ultra-Growth with Gamma Oryzanol for Horses is a muscle-building nutritional liquid or powder feed supplement for animals that builds powerful, swift muscle at an optimal rate while diminishing stress. Ultra-Growth with Gamma Oryzanol is one of the most popular products ever offered by Cox Veterinary Laboratory.

People are impressed with its ability to foster the development of muscle, rather than fat, while protecting against the debilitating effects of stress. Ultra-Growth provides a healthy and highly advantageous alternative to anabolics.

Who uses Ultra-Growth with Gamma Oryzanol?


How does Ultra-Growth with Gamma Oryzanol for Horses work?

Years of research has shown the use of rice bran for horses produced evidence of beneficial effects. It has come into wide use as a rejuvenating nutrient and antioxidant. American bodybuilders have found it an aid to losing weight without a drop in energy. Derived from rice bran oil, Gamma Oryzanol helps the body to develop high quality muscle rather than fat. Rice bran for horses also helps clear the equine body of lactic acid and other by-products of stress.

Animals fed Gamma Oryzanol have shown an increase in lean muscle mass and a decrease in fatty tissue. Often, the weight gain in muscle has been exceptional and improved muscle tone has been reported. Research indicates that Gamma Oryzanol also stimulates blood circulation.

How much Ultra-Growth with Gamma Oryzanol for Horses do I get?

Ultra-Growth with Gamma Oryzanol comes in a 1 gallon container. Each 1/2oz dosage contains 4000mg of Gamma Oryzanol and 200mg of Creatine Orotate.