Turbogen Gallo Booster 30cc
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Turbogen Gallo Booster 30cc

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What is Turbogen Gallo Booster?

Give your rooster the extra energy he needs with Turbogen Gallo Booster. Turbogen is a high-potency energy boosting supplement that helps reduce lactic acid buildup, reduce fatigue and give your rooster energy.

Who is Turbogen Gallo Booster for?


How is Turbogen Gallo Booster used?

To use Turbogen Gallo Booster, simply administer 1cc orally for the two consecutive days leading up to the event you wish your rooster to be energized for. The supplement is best used during the warm up or training periods. On the day of the event, give your rooster 2cc of Turbogen Gallo Booster two to three hours before the event. When used correctly, your rooster will be energized and ready to do his best at the competition.

How does Turbogen Gallo Booster work?

Turbogen Gallo Booster comes in a delicious apple flavor that your rooster is sure to love. The distinctly sweet taste of the supplement makes administering it to your poultry easier than ever. Your rooster will love the sweet taste and will gladly take the rooster energy supplement.

Choose AllVetSupply.com for all of your rooster energy supplement needs. Our high-quality Turbogen Gallo Booster is an affordable way to help your rooster look and feel his best. Give him the energy he needs to perform better and impress the judges. The great-tasting product comes in an economical 30-cc syringe, making it easy to administer just the right amount.

Dosage and use:

For oral use, administer 1 cc syringe for 2 consecutive days during the warm up or training before the event. Use the syringe 2cc 2 to 3 hours before competition.

How much Turbogen Gallo Booster do I get?

Comes in a convenient 30-cc syringe.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Each 30cc Syringe Contains:
Creatine Monohydrate 1000mg
Ribose 500mg
Sodium Chloride 10mg
Potassium Chloride 10mg
Magnesium Chloride 10mg
Dicalcium Phosphate 10mg