Total Weight & Glucose Control for Dogs 45ct
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Total Weight & Glucose Control for Dogs 45ct

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Total Weight and Glucose Control from Ramard is a new weight loss and glucose support supplement for dogs. It contains Glycemitrol which is a new cutting edge product proven to block carbohydrates from breaking down and converting into sugars. Just as in people, elevated blood sugar levels could lead to many adverse health related conditions in dogs.

Total Weight and Glucose Control Canine contains Chromium, which helps to support glucose tolerance and blood sugar levels, Vitamin C and Green Tea which help support a sense well-being and vitality.

Contains no stimulants and as with all Ramard products, the ingredients are of the highest quality and purity. The chew tabs are flavored so your dog will take them as a treat.

Directions for use: 1 tabs per day for dogs 50 lbs or less. Dogs 51 lbs. or greater 2 tabs per day or as directed by your vet. Dosage may be increased as needed, do not exceed double the recommended dosage per day.

Ingredients per Tab:

For animal use only.