Total Calm And Focus 1.12lbs
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Total Calm And Focus 1.12lbs

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Total Calm & Focus 30 day Supply for Horses.

Total Calm and Focus is all natural formula developed to calm your nervous, anxious horse while enhancing focus. It contains Ramisol, which is a new cutting edge product.

High intensity excersize and competition releases the stress hormone cortisol. Stress and high levels of cortisol are related to fatigue, changes in mood, and depression. Ramisol helps to minimize the increase in normal cortisol level induced by excersize or competiotion.

The product also contians Magnesium, and a balanced blend of B vitamins. These nutrients have shown to be very beneficial for nervous, hyper horses.

Total Calm and Focus may be used for, Showing, Sales Prep, Racing, Hauling and training. The product does not contain herds, sedatives or banned substances. It will not sedate the horse.

For use on Horses and Ponies of all ages.

Directions for use: Administer 1 scoop (0.6 oz) a day or as directed by your veterinarian. Dosage may be INCREASED to 2 scoops 1 week before an event.

Active Ingredients Per Scoop(0.6oz)
Thiamine B1 2000mg
Magnesium 1600mg
Folic Acid 1000 Mcg
Vitamin B12 1000 Mcg
Pyridoxine B6 500mg
Riboflavin B2 500mg
Ramisol 500mg
Panthotenic Acid 250mg
Niacin B3 150mg