Tie Free TMC 1.7lb
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Tie Free TMC 1.7lb

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Tie Free TMC(Total Muscle Care)for horses. 1.7lb

Tie Free TMC for horses was designed for performance horses and contains nutrients important to heart and skeletal muscle function including amino acids, potassium and calcium.

Tie Free TMC also provides a special protein matrix which includes important co-factors beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, and glycomacropeptide. This special protein matrix, encourages replenishment of glycogen stores during intense activity.

Glycogen provides energy to the muscles and accelerates recovery after intense exercise. The Tie Free TMC protein matrix acts as nitrogen carrier which assists the muscles in synthesizing amino acids which are needed for anabolic muscle action.

Feed 1 Scoop(included)twice daily or as directed by your vet. Each scoop holds 14grams. Each tub brings 56 servings.