Springtime Glucosamine 72oz
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Springtime Glucosamine 72oz

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Springtime Glucosamine 72oz for Horses.

Glucosamine, as a natural horse supplement, is important for maintaining joint integrity during the wear and tear of training or normal daily activity. Also, helps support proper joint flexibility, mobility and comfort.

Naturally sweet taste, odorless. Totally natural and nontoxic. Lab tested for purity 99%. Purity assured.

Active Ingredients per scoop (2 oz) Glucosamine HCl (shellfish source) 8,100 mg


To Begin Program: Loading dose is two level scoops, which equal 16,000 mg, twice daily for the first week.

Daily: The average effective serving varies from horse to horse, according to age, weight, and severity of problems. Give either one scoop, which equals 8,000 mg, or two scoops, which equal 16,000 mg, once or twice per day. Faster, more dramatic results will occur with larger servings.