Solar Fence Energizer S400
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Solar Fence Energizer S400

Price: $1,149.99
Solar Fence Energizer S400

The S400 Solar energizer is fully portable and built to power up to 60 miles / 280 acres of clean fence. Comes with multiple power options, that make it ideal for both livestock inclusion and wildlife exclusion. The S400 will continue to work up to 2 weeks without the sun and stores up to 4 Joules.

The S400 has a 360 degree mounting capability which makes it easy to mount onto a post that is already part of the fence line. The Multiple Power options include: (1)Wildlife Mode which pulses fast day and night. (2)Full Power Mode which pulses fast during the day and slower at night, conserving power when animals are less active.

Key Features
  • • Convenient fully integrated portable power.
  • • Turn on and forget - with automated battery management, energizer will continue to work for up to 2 weeks without sun.
  • • Portable and easy to install and move.
  • • Water resistant case, with convenient carry handle and built in lightning protection.
  • • Multiple power options.
  • • Battery status indicator - provides peace of mind by indicating if the battery needs to be charged or replaced.
  • • 360 degree mounting on t-posts for correct orientation toward the sun.
  • • Fully integrated, ready to use - includes fence lead set, rechargeable 12v battery, solar pan.
  • • 3 Year Warranty.

Dimesions: HxWxD - 19" x 26.5" x 12.5", Weight = 32lbs