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SIUI CTS-800 Ultrasound

SIUI CTS-800 Ultrasound

Item# cts800



The SIUI CTS-800 is a palm sized ultrasound designed for "out in the field" use. It's design is compact and is easy to operate. The unit is waterproof and has a gravity sensor for layout change when unit is turned on it's side. Can be used for various applications including livestock pregnancy detection.

  • Monitor: 7-inch LCD monitor.
  • Weight: 0.8kg.
  • Environmental Rating: Ip64(main unit, Ip67(probe head).
  • Probes: (L7FVC 6.5/7.1/7.5/8.3/9.0 MHZ/50mm Linear Rectal Probe), (L5FVZ 4.0/4.7/5.0/5.5/6.2 MHz/64mm Linear Rectal Probe), (C5FC 3.5/4.0/50/6.5/7.1 MHz/R20 Micro Convex Probe)
  • Battery: 2.5-3 Hours of Operating Time.
  • Display Mode: B, 2B ZOOMB, B/M, M.
  • Depth: Up to 250mm.
  • Gain: 0~100.
  • Image Storage: 256 Frames.
  • Cine Loop: 256 Frames.
  • Image Layout: Gravity Sensor changes from Vertical to Transverse.
  • Measurement: Distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate.
  • Software Report: Backfat, eyerib area, rump fat and reproductive.

Includes: Portable Unit with rechargeable battery, Power Supply adapter, charger, choice of probe, power cable, cigarette lighter cable, USB cable, BNC/RCA cable, hand strap, sunshade, bag, operation manual and carrying case.

Unit has a 2 year limited warranty from manufacturer.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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