Skin & Hair Supplement for Dogs 120Ct.
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Skin & Hair Supplement for Dogs 120Ct.

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Skin & Hair Supplement for Dogs 120Ct.

Formerly Shed No More. NEW LOOK, SAME PRODUCT!

Tired of cleaning up and vacuuming unwanted pet hair? Pet ownersí number one complaint year after year is the mess caused by pet hair and dander. You may not be the only one suffering. Chances are your dog is enduring discomfort and pain from excessive shedding.

PetLabs360 created Skin & Hair Supplement to provide an effective shed reduction and coat-enhancing treat. But we did not stop there, the unique blend of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are specially formulated into a delicious treat that is easily digested to provide fast relief for you and your pet. So donít let undue shedding come between you and your dog. Give your dog the treat that will restore their vibrant coat and reduce unnatural shedding.