Sand Relief 7lb
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Sand Relief 7lb

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Premium quality psyllium supplement for horses.

Psyllium, the Perfect Choice for Horses in Sandy Areas Sand Relief™ contains exceptionally pure natural psyllium seed husk, a highly soluble plant fiber. Psyllium offers several advantages over other dietary sources of bulk fiber. It has been studied in several species for its high degree of solubility (80%+), superior ability to retain water in the intestinal solution,[1] improvement of VFA (volatile fatty acid) production in the hind gut,[2] and excellent clearance of the intestine. Psyllium supplies approximately five times more soluble fiber than oat bran, and eight times more than wheat bran. It is “the laxative of choice...[that]collects the sand and lubricates its passage through the digestive tract.” [3] Psyllium is ideal for horses grazing in sandy areas or in need of additional dietary fiber.

A New Level of Purity The ultra pure psyllium in Sand Relief™ is made from the highly filtered husks of selected psyllium seed. Virtually all of the residual non-soluble fiber found in most feed grade products is removed. Sand Relief concentrates exactly what you want in a psyllium supplement: pure soluble gel-forming fiber for maximum formation of the mucilaginous gel that gets the job done inside the horse.