S1 Weigh System
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S1 Weigh System

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S1 Weigh System

The NEW S1 Weigh System is an easy-to-use, portable Weighing system designed for small yield farms. Uses the same superior Tru-Test weighing technology used by professional producers. Accurately track show animal performance. Product is lightweight and portable for quick and easy set up. Comes with an Internal rechargeable battery. Perfect for farms with occasional use on animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. can use in conjuction with the AP600 Platform or Small Animal Platform.

Features and specifications:
• Highly visible display.
• Easy to use.
• Rugged design.
• Lightweight and portable.
• Stable non-slip feet on load bars.
• Superdamp™ III technology.
• Durable case.
• Long life and fast charging battery.
• Zero out the accumulation of dirt or manure on the platform.
• Weight stable light.
• Plug and play load bar connection.
• Total weighing capacity up to 3,300 lbs.
• 2-year warranty.

Includes: Weigh scale indicator, load bars, 110 v mains charger, mounting bracket and bolts for platform assembly.

Platforms sold separately.