Runner's Relief Poultice 1.75lb
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Runner's Relief Poultice 1.75lb

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Runner's Relief Poultice 1.75lb

Runner's Relief Poultice was designed to help the equine athlete in healing injuries such as bowed tendon, suspensory/check ligament, soft tissue, muscles, joints, sprains/strains and fractures. Product works by It helping to create a vast vaso-dialation in all vessels and arteries which accelerates collateral blood circulation. This process is a priority in healing any kind of injuries.The poultice has a rich, creamy base that easily washes off.

How to Use:
- Before applying Runnerís Relief Poultice, remove all previous medication, chemicals, and foreign matter by washing the area thoroughly.

- Apply a liberal amount of Runnerís Relief Poultice evenly over the area to be treated and cover with a cotton quilt, plastic (saran) wrap, standing bandage (polo wrap) and leave for 12 hours.

- After 12 hours, remove by washing the area and leave off for 12 hours; repeat treatment six days a week leaving one day of non-treatment.

Ingredients: Organic Carbon Extracts, Mineral Compounds, Sulfur, Essential Oils, Oil of Wintergreen, Glycerin, Polyoxyetheylene, Polysorbate, Methylparaben, Polyethylene Glycols.