Re-Coup Equine Powder Concentrate 500gm
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Re-Coup Equine Powder Concentrate 500gm

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Re-Coup Equine Powder Concentrate 500gm


Re-Coup is an equine supplement designed to help support bleeders. Now in a powder concentrate.

Primary Benefits:
Reduces the viscosity of the blood.

Maintains proper blood pressure levels.

Strengthens and restores the elasticity of blood vessels.

As a dietary supplement for mature horses, feed 1 level scoop(5g) morning and evening mixing well into feed. If this is the initial period, feed 2 level scoops(10g) morning and evening for 14 days then reduce to 1 level scoop(5g) morning and evening.

Pre-Competition: Starting 48 hours prior, give 2 level scoops(10g)boluses in the AM & PM.

Competition Day: Feed 4 level scoops(20g) once within 6 hours of event, mixing well with feed.

Administration: Mix in well with feed.

Ingredients: Citrus Bioflavanoid Compound, containing the flavonol glycosides: Citrus Bioflavanoid Complex D.C., Citrus Bioflavanoid Complex Insoluble, Sodium Ascorbate, Hesperiden Complex D.C., Rutin, Quercitin N.F., Orange Peel Powder, Acerola Powder U.S.P., Bitter Orange Extract, Calcium Phosphate Dibasic, Rose Hips Powdered Extract.