Re-Couvr For Horses 1lb
Re-Couvr For Horses 1lb
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Re-Couvr For Horses 1lb

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Re-Couvr For Horses 1lb

Re-Couvr is a new supplement for Bleeders. The natural, organic formula helps aid horses that are Bleeders by supporting the lungs and is useful for horses who suffer from EIPH exercised induced pulmonary hemorrhage.

RE-COUVR Equine Powder Concentrate exerts a synergistic effect on the lungs to lower blood pressure, help maintain normal circulation, strengthen vascular integrity, increase endurance and promote a healthy pulmonary system.

RE-COUVR Equine Powder Concentrate is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients and herbs, fortified with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Pure Beet Powder and Bioflavonoids.

Dosing Scoop Included.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For the average size horse:

INITIAL: Top dress 2 level scoops morning and evening for 14 days.

MAINTENANCE: Top dress 1 level scoop morning and evening.

PRE-COMPETITION: Starting 48 hours prior to event, top dress 2 level scoops morning and evening.

COMPETITION DAY: Top dress 4 level scoops once, within 6 hours of event.