Ralogun Ralgro Pellet Injector
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Ralogun Ralgro Pellet Injector

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Ralogun, Ralgro Pellet Injector

If you have worked with cattle, you understand their strength and stubborn nature. When it comes to administering the proper hormones and nutritional supplements, the Ralgro gun is unparalleled in its effectiveness. Trust the Ralgro gun to quickly insert each hormone dose into your cattle. Reduce pain and wasted doses by using an instant implant gun. Hormone implantation can be uncomfortable for your cattle. Make each dose as painless as possible with a Ralgro gun. Its durable metal construction stands up to your cattle’s thick hide.

Cattle hormones can improve fertility, feed consumption, disposition and overall health. Keep these affordable supplements and this superior implant gun handy for your livestock patients. The Ralgro gun is veterinarian and cattle-approved for fast and accurate hormone implantation. Whether you are treating an ill cow, trying to increase weight before slaughter or using hormones to encourage pregnancy, try the Ralgro implant gun for maximum results with every dose.