Quicklock A.I. Gun
ITEM # 17025-0000

Quicklock A.I. Gun

Price: $54.95
Quicklock A.I. Gun

What is a Quicklock Artificial Insemination Gun?

The Quicklock Universal Artificial Insemination (AI) gun is used to control reproduction in cattle.

How is a Quicklock Artificial Insemination Gun used?

The Quicklock Artificial Insemination Gun can be used with all kinds of insemination sheaths and all kinds of semen straws (1/2 and 1/4 size).

How does a Quicklock Artificial Insemination Gun work?

  • Fastening and releasing of sheaths with only one hand only.
  • Quick and secure fastening of any kind of sheaths, split or non-split.
  • No modifications necessary when using different types of straws.
  • No loose parts; a safety catch prevents the plunger from sliding out of the barrel.
  • All parts made of sterilizable plastic or stainless steel.