Pure C 2lb
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Pure C 2lb

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Pure C 2LB Pail for Horses.

Pure vitamin C: Enhanced antioxidant and connective tissue nutrition, in an affordable, easy-to-feed supplement.

Concentrated Value Although in horses vitamin C is produced in the liver, optimum health during periods of stress, intensive exercise, illness or injury may require more vitamin C than the body can produce. Vitamin C, sometimes called the “workhorse of the vitamins”, is required in hundreds of metabolic processes. Vita Flex Pure C™ contains only premium grade, very palatable pure ascorbic acid, for maximum flexibility and value. Pure C is the most economical, most effective way to enhance horses' diets with the benefits of vitamin C.

The Structural Vitamin The horse's body needs vitamin C to grow, maintain, and repair structural tissues. The first vitamin to be chemically isolated, vitamin C was originally noted for its ability to prevent scurvy, a disease marked by the breakdown of circulatory and connective tissue. More recent research has shown the need for vitamin C in producing specific proteins, such as collagen, and other structural elements of connective tissue. Because of this connection, many studies have focused on the impact of vitamin C on healing rates, bone modeling, blood vessel integrity, and tooth formation.

The Helper Vitamin Vitamin C is also an important “helper” nutrient, assisting in the absorption of iron and calcium, the formation of folic acid, and the metabolism of the amino acids tyrosine and tryptophan. Vitamin C also enhances the activity of bioflavonoids (hesperidin, quercetin, rutin, etc.), plant products that have been studied for their role in maintaining capillary integrity and scavenging free radicals.

The Defense Vitamin The optimum long-term health of the horse rests upon a strong defense, against both external and internal threats. Vitamin C has long been noted for its support of the immune system. Current research is looking at the impact of vitamin C on the incidence and progress of viral infections. Also a potent antioxidant nutrient, vitamin C eliminates damaging free radicals produced within the body during oxidation and inflammation. Even the basis of the “macro defense system”, the adrenal gland, depends on vitamin C to maintain reserve capacity and healthy balance in stressful situations.

Recommended Feeding For general maintenance, feed ¼ ounce (1 scoop) daily. During periods of stress, feed ½ to ¾ ounce daily (1 to 1½ scoops twice a day). ¼ ounce scoop enclosed.