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Probiotic Paste 300ml
ITEM # probioticpaste

Probiotic Paste 300ml

Price: $21.50
Probiotic Paste 300ml

Proper digestion is essential to the well being of your cattle. Allvet now carries Probiotic Paste for cattle which helps maintain proper digestion and can help reduce digestions problems at times of stress.

Probiotic Paste is a stabilized source of Lactic Acid Bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus, yeast and insulin. This product can be fed to any animal at time of stress.

Feeding Recommendations(Cattle & Swine):
  • Newborn 5cc
  • Growing 15cc
  • Post Antibiotic Treatment 30cc
  • At Freshening 30cc
  • Adult 30cc
  • Sheep & Goats 30cc
  • Horses 30cc

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