ProID™ MiniChip<u>25 PACK</u>
ProID™ MiniChip<u>25 PACK</u>
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ProID™ MiniChip25 PACK

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ProID™ MiniChip25 PACK

Pro ID Mini Chip is a microchip application specially designed for small pets. The chip and needle are both smaller than regular microchips making the insertion process a little easer on the animal.

The Mini Chip is universally read by all scanners and comes in the ISO(15 digit format).

  • Bio Compatible Glass Made by Schott®
  • Stainless steel, extra sharp 15 gauge ‘mini’ needle.
  • Smooth Parylene® anti migration coating, seals the glass on all of the chips.
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty on Microchips.
  • The packaging, plastics, paper and needles are all made of recyclable materials.
  • EtO Sterilization Process guarantees unopened pouch remains sterile for 5 years.

The 25pk inlcudes: 25 individually sealed, sterile syringes pre-loaded with a 'mini' microchip and one set of instructions. DOES NOT COME WITH TAGS.

Individual syringe shown. Item is sold as a pack of 25.